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Alignment in Augmented Reality based Cooperation

The project C5 investigates interactional coordination and alignment with regard to the practices participants use in order to establish and sustain mutual orientation to an object or referent. By using an Augmented Reality-based Interception and Manipulation System (ARbInI) for co-presently interacting participants we are able to remove, manipulate or add communicatively relevant multimodal information in real-time. This methodological tool for linguistic research allows to modify specific factors, usually known as crucial interactional resources (e.g. timing, mutual monitoring), in order to investigate their impact in the establishment and maintenance of co-orientation/joint attention. Thereby, the system encompasses novel facilities for recording sensor-rich data sets which can be accessed in parallel with qualitative/manual and quantitative/computational methods.  


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Recent Best Paper/Poster Awards

Goal Babbling of Acoustic-Articulatory Models with Adaptive Exploration Noise
Philippsen A, Reinhart F, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob) 


Are you talking to me? Improving the robustness of dialogue systems in a multi party HRI scenario by incorporating gaze direction and lip movement of attendees
Richter V, Carlmeyer B, Lier F, Meyer zu Borgsen S, Kummert F, Wachsmuth S, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Human-agent Interaction (HAI) 


"Look at Me!": Self-Interruptions as Attention Booster?
Carlmeyer B, Schlangen D, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Human Agent Interaction (HAI)


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